THE JOB CRUNCH- IT Sector In India

Information technology is a buzz phrase you've probably heard if you happen to work with IT personnel or went to school for anything related to computers. IT workers are highly specialized in their field, which is probably why they're often just called “IT nerds.”

With the US economy doing well, Indian IT companies can look forward to a better year in future the back of growing tech spend and demand from clients.

Outsourcing web development in India is the best and most suitable place for the overseas companies. Similarly, mobile and games are also made in India. The Indian work quality makes it favorite for overseas clients. Comparatively no other competitor country gives such results. The investment of the world in Indian IT company is increasing day by day. This is quite a good news for India. This way future seems bright for the Indian IT sector.

In IT field you can find different kinds of jobs and that are given below....

1. Business Development Executives

The business development executive is a job function that has evolved as part of the transformation of our business world to a global economy. The term conveys a strategic and pivotal role in the growth of a business enterprise. It is both sophisticated and all-encompassing in its meaning of the word "development."

Their priority is to assist their companies acquire new customers and sell additional products or services to existing ones; this means the role is a crucial one for any business with the ambition to expand or the necessity to diversify its clientele.

A business development professional has three primary responsibilities:

• Identifying new sales leads
• Pitching products and/or services
• Maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers

2. Quality Assurance

The exact duties of a quality assurance manager vary from industry to industry. However, typical responsibilities of the job include:

• working with operating staff to establish procedures, standards, systems and procedures
• writing management and technical reports and customers’ charters
• determining training needs
• acting as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality
• directing objectives to maximise profitability
• recording, analysing and distributing statistical information
• monitoring performance
• supervising technical or laboratory staff.

a one quality assurance managers needs many key skills like confidence, technical skills, leadership skills, problemsolving skills, teamworking skills, IT skills.

3. Digital Marketing Experts

The Digital Marketing Specialist’s role is to design, create, and deliver marketing programs to support expansion and growth of the company services and products. This role requires an in depth knowledge of TekSavvy products and market goals. Proficiency in graphics, web advertising, social media and web development is a must. Familiarity with a wide range of field practices, concepts, and procedures. Marketing specialists rely on judgment in planning and experience to accomplish identified goals.

A digital marketing specialist have their job related duties and responsibilities that are given below:

• Developing, managing and designing layouts of communications such as presentations,
• newsletters, event support materials, research papers, and brochures.
• Planning, development and execution of national digital programs and campaigns, including online
• advertising, web site strategy and design, social media, mobile, and deliverables
• Owning and maintaining site analytics, metrics, and campaign reporting.
• In depth knowledge of SEO and adwords programs.
• Presenting recommendations to Director of Marketing and Communications.
• Developing and coordinating multimedia packages.

4. Designers

This graphic designer sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Graphic designers job resposibilities and duties:

• Prepares visual presentations by designing art and copy layouts.
• Prepares work to be accomplished by gathering information and materials.
• Plans concept by studying information and materials.
• Illustrates concept by designing rough layout of art and copy regarding arrangement, size, type size and style, and related aesthetic concepts.
• Obtains approval of concept by submitting rough layout for approval.
• Prepares finished copy and art by operating typesetting, printing, and similar equipment; purchasing from vendors.

Various IT professionals are always been in demand in india so employment scope in IT sector in india will be always bigger and better that no one can expect.