Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Latest News

A recent speculation surfaced about Samsung planning to launch a three-month unconditional refund policy for its Samsung galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus devices.
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Samsung reportedly is launching a new strategy for its soon-to-be-released flagship phone. The Korean tech company is said to launch a three-month unconditional refund policy because of its devices.


Samsung will soon release its first ever smartphones to come out in 2017, the Samsung Galaxy 8 and the Galaxy S8+. These devices will be the first launch since the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7. However , Samsung offers an interesting insurance policy to its costumers, which could be the company’s way of extending goodwill to buyers, says Wccftech.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are expected to be released bundled with a lot of features. This ranges from a new screen that gives a different look, to a gear up smartphones with a button-free front. It is also expected to release with a hardware that is quite different from their predecessors. Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ reportedly will come as a taller phone with a combination of WQHD+ resolution. The aspect ratio for the Galaxy S8 pair will also change, to 18. 5: 9.

A report today from The Investor claims that Samsung is considering on implementing a large-scale marketing campaign that would offer unconditional refunds up to three-month use. According to the report’s unnamed source, there are two primary reasons for Samsung to offer a return policy.

First, Samsung would like to use this return policy to build consumers confidence and rebuild its reputation after the Note 7 debacle. Second reason is Samsung may be implementing this such an aggressive offering for its new Bixby AI may not be fully baked for the Galaxy S8 launch.

In fact , all these speculations about Bixby is a Deja Vu just like the time when Apple launched Siri with the iPhone. The software did not meet the expectations by far and Cupertino had to face a lot of issues for false promises. Looks like Samsung’s eager to learn from the past in more ways than one.


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